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Please take some time to familiarize yourself with these rules. The right to restrict or cancel membership on any forum is reserved by XXX in order to maintain an environment that fosters respectful and beneficial discussion.

General Protocol

It’s a public forum here. We want this platform to be a space where people feel at ease asking queries and where conversations and disputes are held in a respectful manner. Issues, not individuals, are the focus of discussions. Gather all of your resources to oppose a notion if you don’t agree with it. However, never equate thought with the individual who posted it. We are required to treat other posters with respect at all times. It is not permissible to engage in personal attacks, insults, name-calling, teasing, taunting, or other methods designed to stir up conflict.

Forum Policies

  • Don’t confront others in the forum. The conversations on the forum should be stimulating, not acrimonious. Allow others to express themselves too.
  • Promotional messages are not allowed. Get in touch with people directly and share product & service information, if you feel it would be useful to them.
  • All comments that are threatening, insulting, defamatory, abusive, vulgar, or unlawful are strictly forbidden. Keep away from posting messages that you wouldn’t want the world to see.
  • Only send your message for the most pertinent topic (s). Do not repeatedly post the same message for other subjects.
  • The subject of your remarks should be stated in the opening sentence succinctly and precisely. This makes it simpler for users to browse the archives by topic and enables them to respond to your message more appropriately.
  • Only the pertinent passages from the original communication should be included in your response. You should place your reply before the initial post and remove any header information.
  • If you want to communicate with everyone on the forum, only do so when it’s relevant.
    Don’t address the entire forum while saying, “thanks for the info” or “me, too.”
    Put a line that reads “Long Message” at the start of the body text or in the subject line to alert other topic subscribers to lengthy messages.

Relevant Topics

This is a community for MSMEs. anything concerning to

  • MSME Plans and Initiatives
  • MSME itself
  • MSME Finance, Supply Chain, and eCommerce for SME
  • Regulations & Compliance rules for MSME
  • Policies & Updates for MSME
  • SME Events

are appropriate. Everything else is deemed to be off-topic.

Inappropriate Topics

Religion and Politics
Religious and Political posts and comments are not permitted in order to prevent the inevitable conflicts that result from these issues. This regulation only has the following exceptions:

  • Common religious gestures including praying for a sick family member
  • Use of accurate, non-derogatory ideological positions when relevant to the current conversation.
  • Discussion of recently passed legislation or rules that have an impact on individual investors. Please take note that it is forbidden to discuss prospective laws or regulations.
  • When and if proposed laws that directly affect investment are released for public comment, they may be addressed.

Topics that aren't relevant or are meant for trolling

These don’t belong here. If readers can’t engage with the subject matter of an issue and can only argue about it, it should go. Examples include:

  • Conspiracy theories of any kind are for example, discussions of international economic, tax, political, climate policies or health care.
  • Discussions of the misdeeds, shortcomings of other people, including politicians, federal “bailout” recipients, celebrities, CEOs, Fed chairman, etc. You’re welcome to talk about the financial decisions you’ve made, of course.

The bottomline

This MSME Forum is considered the core for former corporate leaders, financiers, and industry professionals working to increase the profitability of MSMEs and SMEs. We are supporting the expansion of MSME Businesses. At MSME Business Forum, we serve MSMEs with more than just advice; we also provide them with professional solutions for fundraising and boosting their businesses.